Tourism nowadays is an important vehicle for regional and national development and to many countries and regions, it represents the major contributor to the local economy. Some tourist attractions provide visitors a memorable experience for a reasonable admission charge or even for free, others can have a tendency to be of low quality and to overprice their goods and services in order to profit from tourists excessively. Tourism is one of the sources of having a progressive place.
The growth of tourism industry in our country is highly increasing. Today’s online travel site allows the tourist to travel virtually for choosing a trip.
Web is a primary source of information when searching for the appropriate place for planning a trip. Through the use of decision support system technologies helps to develop effectiveness of decision-making for a travel support. Most of the time tourists who want to visit place have a hard time to choose what kind of place to travel, at the same time, a place that will suite to the tourist requirements. Location sometimes is also a problem for the tourist who is not familiar in the area. Another problem is that whenever the tourist is planning for a future trip they search for information online. The information sometimes is not detailed, that is hard for them to determine what would be the best place to visit which concerns the tourists needs.
Tour plans are constrained to many factors such as the number of tour members, route of traveling, attractive places to visit, activities during the tour, budget, and time.
Having a well-organized travel trip needs a time and effort if you don’t have an experience of it. The decision support system technology help assists the tourist for trip planning to reach multiple destinations concerning the trip.
The development of Online Travel Advisor will aid the tourist in their trip planning, provide a detail information about a place, and help them decide on what would be the best place to visit based on their preferences.