Aswang Festival

Their abundance of marine life makes the City of Roxas as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” This environment-friendly place is amongst of the richest fishing grounds in the Philippines. Being a recipient of the Cleanest and Greenest town area in Western Visayas Award in the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran (GPK) Cleanliness and Environmental could be a clear testament of its people’s commitment in making certain a healthier and brighter future for all its residents and guests too.

The town people celebrate their Annual Festival or called it the Aswang Festival is celebrated every 29th and 30th day on the month of October. This includes the parade of participants donning the foremost dreadful costumes like “kapre”, “wak-wak”, and “tikbalang”. Right the end of parade of those fearful mythical creatures; then it would be followed by a trade honest of the known Capiznon ocean food merchandise and different native delicacies.

Aswang festivity is a sort of Halloween-like fiesta as a prelude to all Souls Day and All Saints Day festivals celebrated during November 1 and 2. It has been inaugurated and arranged by the Dugo Capiznon, Inc. that aims to eclipse the aswang impression with the first quality of Capiz’ food product, and made Capiz as one of the country’s prime tourist destinations having its fine beaches and scenic landscapes. Also, through the trade exhibits, small business entrepreneurs have an opportunity to promote their native products that would assist in order to uplift the economy of the province.

The people of Capiz or the town itself has been a victim of the dishing of make-believe dirts for years that it became a haven of frights and terror. Many people including tourists have stopped visiting the place because of the story rumor that Capiz is that the home of the mythical scary creatures, the “Aswang”.

Because of these negative unrealistic rumors, Roxas City is currently aimed to erase the negative impression of the town as a home of aswang by recognizing it solely as a story and hopefully removing the stigma connected to the word by inaugurating Aswang Festival.


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