Santa Monica Parish Church

This awe-inspiring church monument reveals the Spanish grandeur in Pan-ay town; a small fortress; it is about 250 ft long and 80 ft wide with 9-ft thick walls of coral blocks. The floor is colored marble which shine in subdue tone in misty light. The central altar is an elaborated sculpture retablo of silver and hardwood in florid Baroque style. The lateral altars have intricately carved tiers of niches for images of saints.

Sta. Monica is the patron saint. The church’s five-story belfry shelters a huge antique bell and surrounded by 8 smaller bells. Shrouded with many enchanting tales, the huge bell holds more fascinating truth. It was cast from 70 sacks of coins believed to have been contributed by the citizens of the town. It is seven feet in diameter, five feet high and weighs 10.4 tons. In fact, it is estimated to be the largest in Southeast Asia.


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