Make your own ‘Weekend Getaway’ in Roxas City

Getting there and getting around

Roxas City is only 45 minutes away from Manila by plane. Two major airlines operate in Roxas City: Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

When in Roxas City, the best and cheapest way to get around is by tricycle.

Things to do and places to visit

Food tripping

What better thing to do in the seafood capital of the Philippines than to try as many kinds of seafood as you can!

Tip: Try La Playa People’s Park at Baybay Beach, where restaurants serving the best seafood are all lined up. If you also want to try authentic chicken inasal, visit RML Manokan.

President Roxas’ ancestral house

The house where former President Roxas was born still stands along Zamora Street. The place is open to tourists and also has an antique shop on the ground floor.

Shopping for capiz products

Roxas City also boasts of the best capiz products in the country. Capiz products like like lanterns, lamp shades, picture frames, and wind chimes are available at the local market.

Tip: Visit the local government-owned Balay Kapisnon, located at the town proper, for some of the best local handicrafts.

Olutayan Island

Legend has it that Olutayan Island used to be the head of a giant who was cursed in order to preserve peace in the town. Today, it is one of the many unknown but beautiful islands that surround Roxas City. This particular island is perfect for swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

Tip: Not many tourists frequent Olutayan. Those who wish to visit the island should make arrangements with a local who owns a boat and can bring tourists to the island.

Talon Adventure Park

Talon Adventure Park is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Visitors can try their zip line, mountain bikes, and ATVs. The park also has an orchid farm, a mini zoo, and its own stretch of beach perfect for nature lovers.

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